Welcome to Erika Anne Englund, Cooperative Divorce Attorney

Divorce doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you seek to avoid high legal fees, preserve a civil relationship, keep your children out of court, or resolve your divorce quickly, we have options that may help.

Cooperative divorce is all that we do, and the way we do it might be better for you. All services are geared toward positive, productive, fair and efficient resolution. Prices are fixed, so you don’t have to stress about fees. And every detail is handled by a trained, insured, professional attorney mediator, giving you peace of mind.

To get started on your cooperative resolution, please begin by reviewing our packages, and then call or click to schedule your free, no obligation joint consultation.

Prefer an individual, confidential consultation? We offer comprehensive full-hour initial consultations providing individuals an overview of the divorce process, a determination of rights and obligations under the law, an evaluation of options for in-court vs. cooperative resolution, and answers to questions about child custody, support, and property division. Individual consultations are just $150, and include a written follow up letter at no charge.

Why Mediation?

Private, confidential mediation provides an alternative to court that allows you to resolve your divorce, separation, custody, support and property disputes in a respectful, efficient and affordable manner. Attorney Erika Englund is a trained mediator, helping parties to identify their interests, address their conflict, and resolve their disputes without the hassel, stress, delay and cost of a typical divorce.

Mediation is a private and protected out-of-court process that empowers both of you, with the assistance of a neutral facilitator, to make YOUR OWN decisions about your divorce, separation, children and finances.