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Erika Anne Englund never won a court case.

As a family law attorney, she saw the adversarial nature of court cause such emotional, financial, and interpersonal devastation, that even when the Judge ruled in her favor, it still couldn’t be considered a “win.”

Erika left the chaos of family court seven years ago to build a new path to divorce. Working from the ground up, she created an affordable, efficient, positive and productive system that is designed at detail to provide successful cooperative resolution. She unfailingly believes in the power and efficacy of her cooperative solutions.

Erika is a highly qualified, certified attorney-mediator with over eleven years’ family law experience including over a thousand hours spent on mediated divorces. She is an adjunct law professor at McGeorge School of law, teaching a unique course she constructed on Alternatives to Litigation in Family Law. Erika is also the creator and host of Split Decisions Radio, the only FM radio show in the nation hosted by a cooperative divorce attorney, and designed to support people in the all the ways divorce impacts our lives.

Erika is a middle child of a large family, which is partially to blame for her love of peace-building, excellent communication skills, and the rebellious nature that lead her to break free from the old school approach to divorce. She lives in Folsom with her young children, working to co-parent with their father in a healthy, happy way. Erika loves musical theatre, Lake Tahoe, rap music, being a parent, and people who give her Starbucks cards. She is attempting to learn to play baskeball, and constantly perfecting her margarita recipe.

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You can find Erika’s CV here

Most recent public speaking events:


McGeorge School of Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Week, keynote speaker, “Diddy or Jay Z – is a family law mediation career right for you?”
Casa Robles High School, Career Explorations class, “Alternative careers in the legal field”
Folsom High School, Global
McGeorge School of Law, Mediation training, guest professor, “Creating a favorable environment for mediation”
Sacramento Family Law Associates’ Group, “Get Money – When, How and Whether to Implement Paid Client Consultations”


McGeorge School of Law, Mediation training, “Unique Dynamics in Family Law Mediation”
McGeorge School of Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Week, “Careers in Family Law Mediation. Seriously”

You can find Erika’s CV here